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Modest Closet Must-Haves

So you want to dress modestly but don’t know where to shop and where to start. You’re in the right place! At MODASTY, our goal is to provide women with a modest marketplace where they can experience the luxury of a one-stop shopping experience like no other. Every piece sold at MODASTY is curated to meet your modest fashion dreams. Browse our ever-growing collection of modest must-haves at MODASTY today!

Now that you know where to start shopping, here are our modest picks for must-have pieces to add to your closest!

Summer can be a dreadful season for many modest women because it can be challenging and frustrating to find pieces that you feel beautiful and confident in and keep you feeling cool through the summer heat. This leads to our first modest must-have…

Maxi dresses! Every modest girl’s best friend. Check out this gorgeous dress at MODASTY by Istehya, just in time for summer. Maxi dresses provide breathable comfort while keeping you covered. It is the perfect way to beat the heat while staying modest!

Qistani Dress

Skirts: If dresses aren’t your style, prepare to fall in love with these stunning skirts. Add a beautiful pop of colour to your closest with the Pencil Skirt by RayhanaCo. The best part of skirts? You can easily customize your look with your choice of top. The possibilities are endless! 

Pencil Skirt

Long Shirts: Finding full-length long sleeve tops can be difficult these days. Everything seems to be cropped! That’s why long shirts like the Scuba-look top by Dana Fashion are a closet staple for every modest girl. Bonus tip: make any shirt a little longer with shirt extenders! They’re the perfect addition to any outfit–literally! shirt extenders are life savers #modesthack #modesttiktok #islamtiktok #arabtiktok #modestfashion #modestinspo #modestoutfits #outfitideas #loosejeans ♬ you belong with me - sia


Hoodies: Close your eyes and picture a closet filled with neutral-toned hoodies. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? At MODASTY, we fully support the addiction to hoodies! That’s why we think the Sahar Tunic Hoodie by Dana Fashion in both “tan” and “wheat” should be added to your cart ASAP! Want to spice up your neutral collection? Add this Eliza Oversized Hoodie by Dana Fashion in the mix. 

Sahar Tunic Hoodie in Tan  

 Eliza Oversized Hoodie 


Matching sets: The quickest, cutest, modest outfit ever! Do we even need to explain why these are a modest closet must-have? Imagine choosing your outfit taking just a few seconds. Oh, wait… no need to imagine, that’s why the Rania Two-Piece Set by Dana Fashion was made!

Rania Two-Piece Set

Coats and Trenches: Adding a gorgeous coat or trench to any outfit is the perfect way to make your outfit more modest and elevate your style. The Maya Short Trench Coat by Dana Fashion is the perfect versatile, everyday coat! This black trench coat will look stunning paired with any colour and adds that touch of luxury to every outfit.

Maya Short Trench Coat 

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