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Feeling Confident While Dressing MODASTY

Whether you started when you were young or you are starting to get into it later in life, dressing modestly can be challenging for us all.

It can be hard to feel beautiful and confident in your look when it is the opposite of what is portrayed in the media as beautiful. 

Western beauty standards suggest that less clothing is empowering and more is oppressive.

We are here to tell all you modest babes that modesty is true liberation. 

We want to validate how you feel and your struggles with dressing modestly. But more than anything, MODASTY is here to represent all of you gorgeous women at the forefront of fashion.

Trust us, we know how hard it can be, and that’s why we are here to support you!

You may have been made fun of or given looks by people in public for the way you dress, and we understand how damaging this can be for your self-esteem, especially when you are young. So, how can you set those feelings aside and still feel confident while dressing modestly? 

The answer may seem obvious, but truly understanding it is what makes that difference in your heart and sparks your confidence. Then, you will experience that magical moment when it all clicks! 

You know deep down why you are doing it.

It is an effort to strengthen your relationship with Allah and increase your devotion to your faith. But, take a moment to acknowledge this fact. Say it out loud to yourself and reaffirm your understanding of “why.” Sometimes you may lose sight of “why”, so you must give yourself reminders. 

Understand that this path that you have chosen may at times seem like an extremely difficult one. 

It is extremely hot outside, no one in your class dresses the same as you, or people are excluding you from their circle based on the way that you carry yourself. You feel timid and misplaced in your surroundings. That’s when you should take a step back and remember the amazing reward. For every hardship you face for the sake of Allah, He is waiting to reward you two-fold! 

When you are feeling low and can't find confidence, remember this. All the beautiful roses we see have thorns to protect them from harm. The same applies to you! You are just as beautiful as a rose, and your way of dress is your protection. So, own it! 

MODASTY’S Insider Confidence Tips:

  1. Unfollow or remove all people (including celebrities) that make you feel uncomfortable and make you feel like you don’t belong and aren’t beautiful. Instead, follow modest influencers that make you feel heard and seen! 
  2. Shop online at MODASTY from the comfort of your own home instead of at stores that make you feel like you do not fit their demographic. MODASTY is a safe space for you. You can own and look beautiful in every piece we carry.
  3. Talk to people who understand what you are going through, and surround yourself with them. Don’t know who to turn to? Connect with other modest fashion lovers in the comments and share your experiences/ 
  4. Always remember that what you are doing takes great courage, strength and is rewarding. No one can take that away from you!

Got more tips for our list? Share them in the comments below or on Instagram with #MODASTYRevolution. 

Most importantly, be unapologetically you!

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