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Do It All With Modest Sportswear

Gone are the days of feeling like you cannot participate in sports and activities because you dress modestly and can never find appropriate clothing to wear. Everyone deserves to have fun and enjoy activities without feeling like they need to be left out. If you are tired of feeling this way, MODASTY has all the perfect modest picks for you! Shop online and order now and get ready to have some sporting fun!

Who said you can’t go swimming and still be modest? Soak in the sun and go for a dip to cool off while wearing the “Classic swim dress SPF50” by Modest Mermaid. Buy the swim dress with or without leggings and get ready to splash into summer!

Classic swim dress SPF50

Are you worried about covering your hair? Our friends at Modest Mermaid are two steps ahead of the game! Experience the innovation of the “Swimming hijab”! Add it on top of your swim dress, and you are fully protected and ready to dive into the deep end. 

Swimming Hijab

MODASTY carries tons of swimming gear by Modest Mermaid! With gorgeous colour schemes, patterns, and silhouettes, prepare for the summer of your dreams with MODASTY. 

Another common struggle modest-dressing women face is what to wear to the gym. How can I dress modestly, not overheat, and feel good in “gym clothes?” MODASTY is here to bring the solution right to your doorstep–literally! Browse our sportswear section online today and build your gym clothes collection. Working out is something you should feel comfortable, confident, and good about when doing. Ditch the worry of being too scared to move a certain way that will compromise your modesty. 

Cover up comfortably and in fashion with the “Yana Hoodie” by Leia. This long hoodie will keep you looking modest and gym-ready instantly! 

Yana Hoodie 

Want a hijab that supports your movement? Try out the “Ava Wrap” by Leia and customize your hijab to fit your needs. Add extra coverage to your back, neck, chest and secure it in place for a worry-free workout! 

Ava Wrap 

At MODASTY, we understand how isolating it can feel when society conditions us to think we need to wear one specific type of clothing to enjoy activities and stay active. But we are here to remind you that this is not the case! Modesty is beautiful, and these incredible pieces are here to help you feel confident while staying covered. So yes, you can do it all!

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