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Hijab Hacks–Cleaning

The beautiful brand-new hijab you just ordered and wore for the first time got dirty. What do you do? First, don’t panic! MODASTY has you covered with the best and most effective cleaning hacks for your hijabs. While trying these hacks, always be gentle and avoid excess rubbing to preserve those pretty hijabs!

Quick, grab your hijab and try these hacks out right now!

Hack 1: (Oil-free) makeup remover to the rescue!

Watch our gorgeous founder, Roa’a, remove an oil stain from her chiffon hijab below! the only way to get oil stains out of chiffon/satin/silk #fyp #viral #oilstains #hijabstains #oilstaincleanup #makeupremover #micellarwater #chiffon ♬ original sound - MODASTY


Hack 2: Bring on the baby power 

If you feel like you have tried everything to remove that pesky stain from your favourite hijab, don’t give up just yet! Try adding some baby powder over the affected area and allow the powder to absorb the oils for 30 minutes. Once the time is up, gently wash away the powder. Just like magic, your hijab is brand new!

Hack 3: Don’t sweat it!

It’s a beautiful summer day, the sun is scorching you’re trying to enjoy the outdoors, but all you can think about is trying not to get your hijab sweaty. Ditch the stress, sis. Grab some baking powder and dish soap (a little goes a long way) and follow these steps! Mix the two ingredients to create a thick paste, rub the mixture over the affected area with the tool of your choice (toothbrushes work great). To finish it all off, add a little more baking soda over the covered stains to give it that extra kick, and set your timer for 10 minutes. Ding ding ding, time to wash and reveal your crisp and clean hijab!

Hack 4: Micellar water or magic? 

Micellar water is truly like magic in a bottle for removing makeup, and it works just as effectively to get those foundation stains out of your hijab. Maybe you thought it would be easier to put your hijab on before doing your makeup, but now you’re left with foundation splatter on your fave hijab (don’t worry, we are not judging). Try soaking the area with micellar water and letting it do its magic. Then, rinse and repeat if necessary–just don’t rub!

Hack 5: Pass the spoolie, please!

It sounds strange, we know. Trust the process! Grab your spot cleaning ingredients of choice in one hand and your trusty spoolie in the other. Now, it is time to (gently) go to work. Lay your hijab flat over a towel and apply your favourite cleaning solution. Carefully brush the product out of the fabric with your spoolie by rubbing the spoolie over the stain back and forth and up and down. You should see the stain lift and transfer from the hijab to your towel. Toss the towel in the washing machine, and gently hand wash the affected area of your hijab. 

Drying tip: Always air dry your hijabs instead of tossing them in the dryer to preserve their shape, minimize wrinkling, and protect delicate fabrics!

Be sure to share your cleaning hacks, tips, and tricks below to help every hijabi keep their hijab clean and pristine all 2022!


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Anna Collins

Anna Collins

I found it interesting when you talked about how you can use baby powder to remove stains from your hijab by pouring it over the affected area and allowing the powder to absorb it for 30 minutes before washing it away. My friend wears hijabs, so I wanted to get her one as a present for her birthday. I’ll be sure to tell her about your tip while I look for a hijab gift box to give her.

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