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What To Look For This (COV)Eid

Now that Covid-19 restrictions are ending and Eid is on the horizon, it’s time to prepare to put your most fashionable foot forward. Step into all of your Eid parties and dazzle your friends and family with looks created from our 2022 lookout list. Follow our guide when shopping and look gorgeous and right on trend! 

Pretty in pastel: pastel colours are all the rage right now! With so many incredible  tones to choose from and endless design combinations, there is something out there for everyone. Especially with Eid 2022 being in spring, creating gorgeous looks with pastel colours is not only on-trend but in season too! Keep an eye out for pastel greens, pinks, yellows, and purples! Not only are these colours flattering on every skin tone, but these hot colours scream high fashion.

Beautifully bold: If you are more into bright and vibrant colours, you’re in luck! Bold shades of pink, green, and orange are taking the fashion world by storm. This Eid is the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and dress in bold colours. Or, an excellent way to be trendy and incorporate that gorgeous pop of colour into any look is through your accessories. A sultry all-black look with a pop of a stunning bright pink or neon green purse is the perfect way to step out in style and look runway ready. 

Fabulous Flare: It’s no secret that flared pants are the “It” girl look of the year. This loose look is modest, fashionable and can add the perfect edge to your Eid look. Check out the “Neesa” dress by Dana Fashion for a gorgeous flared maxi dress look. Or, a fun way to incorporate the flare trend into your outfit is by keeping an eye out for any top that has flared sleeves!

Neesa Dress

Neesa Dress

Satin/Silk Is The New Staple:  The luxurious look and feel of silk is a timeless must-have look that checks the box of looking on-trend in every way. Opt for an all silk look and enjoy your Eid festivities in fine silk. Or, steal the show in the “Olive Green Luxury Abaya 3-Piece Set” by VeilandCo made with a beautifully crafted blend of satin and silk. 

Olive Green Luxuary Abaya 3 Piece Set

Are you looking to mix around fabrics? For a casual and trendy Eid brunch look, try pairing a gorgeous pastel satin top with flared jeans and add pops of colour through your accessories. Now that’s a chic look! 

We are dying to see all you beautiful MODASTY babes in your Eid outfits! Tag us on Instagram: @modasty_en and let us know which style lookout was your fave! 


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