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Masjid Must-Haves For Ramadan

Going to the Masjid during Ramadan is one of the most peaceful and fulfilling feelings. This special time of year is something all Muslims look forward to year-round. At MODASTY, we want to take away any stress you may have in deciding what to bring with you to the Masjid. That’s why we have created this ultimate guide for Masjid must-haves this Ramadan! 

Here is our list of 6 must-haves!


Covid-19 restrictions have begun to ease, but it is still a good idea to bring your own janamaz to the Masjid to practice safety regulations and social distancing. Bringing your own janamaz to the Masjid can also make your experience more personal and help you to feel comfortable.


Bringing your own tasbih to the Masjid is the perfect way to personalize your experience and keep track of your dhikr efficiently. If you are looking for a new tasbih, MODASTY has a beautiful selection of tasbihs just for you! Treat yourself to a luxury tasbih embellished with a stunning silk tassel and 14K gold spacers, or send it to a loved one as a Ramadan gift. 

Shop our variety of tasbihs from Grounded Revival here!

             Grounded Tasbih Bracelet                     Revive Mini Tasbih Bracelet  

Jilbab’s and Abaya’s

If you plan on devoting hours each night at the Masjid during Ramadan praying and strengthening your faith, dressing comfortably and modestly is essential. Forget the fuss of worrying about what to wear and get the gorgeous Dark Mauve Jilbab Set by VeilandCo. Not only is this set beautiful, but it is a modest must-have for every woman!

Dark Mauve Jilbab Set

Want to add abayas to your collection too? Customize your look with Basma Boutique’s made-to-order abayas. With tons of styles such as the Mina abaya, Ixora abaya, Calla abaya, and the Aster abaya, there is something for everyone! Customize the colour of each style and create the abaya of your dreams. 

Mina abaya                                                   Calla abaya

Comfy Under-caps

There is nothing worse than an under-cap that is too tight or too loose. Especially when you are out and about and in the Masjid for long hours. Being comfortable in what you are wearing enhances your experience and allows you to focus on the moment instead of fussing over uncomfortable clothing. Invest in comfortable under-caps that fit you just right. Before heading out, make sure that your under cap is not itchy, tight, or loose!

Non-slip Hijabs

Let’s set the scene for you. You are trying to pray, and your hijab won't stop slipping around, or you are constantly adjusting it to stay in place. We have all been there. That’s why MODASTY wants to help! To avoid this issue, invest in high-quality hijabs made with non-slip materials. Let me introduce you to your new besties–cotton and jersey! Extra tip, pair one of these hijab fabrics with a cotton under-cap and your hijab will be budge-proof all day and night! 

Try Modestly Muslim’s selection of the dreamiest premium jersey hijabs here! 

Instant Chiffon Hijab                                            Black Hijab


Hand Sanitizer 

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to throw a mini hand sanitizer in your purse on your way out. You’ll thank us later!

Are you missing something from our list? Don’t worry, shop online at MODASTY and gather all these must-haves just in time for Ramadan!

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Al Maryum

Al Maryum

Today, there are a variety of abaya designs available, from traditional, modest designs to modern, fashionable ones.

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