Kunzite Tassel Tasbih | Women's Islamic Prayer Beads, 99 Beads

Size: 15 inches
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The Kunzite Tassel Tasbih is meticulously crafted with 99 kunzite gemstone tasbih beads, accompanied by a handmade silk tassel and a wooden 'leader' bead. To divide the beads into the customary sections of 11 and 33 counts, sterling silver accents are incorporated throughout this exquisite piece.

In addition to your islamic prayer beads, you will receive a branded bag from Grounded Revival and a heartfelt dua reminder. This thoughtful inclusion serves as a continual reminder to remember Allah while you engage in your dhikr practice.

Your Dua Reminder

When you encounter someone in need or when someone specifically requests to make dua for them, it is indeed an opportunity to let our compassion and sincerity shine through. By offering heartfelt prayers for their well-being, we not only express our care for them but also invite blessings upon ourselves. As Prophet Mohammad (SAW) taught "The supplication of a Muslim for his Muslim brother in his absence will certainly be answered. Every time he makes a supplication for good for his brother, the angel appointed for this particular task says: 'Ameen! May it be for you, too'." (Riyad as-Salihin Book17, Hadith 1495). 

Size & Fit

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Two Size Options:
6mm beads, hangs approximately 15 inches/38cm
8mm beads, hangs approximately 19 inches/48cm

About Your Misbaha Beads

Kunzite, a remarkable gemstone, stands out as one of the rare naturally occurring pink stones. The majority of kunzite crystals display a delicate pale pink hue, although some possess a slightly rosier tint. While pink is the most common color for kunzite, it is exceptionally uncommon to discover it in colorless form. Additionally, kunzite can manifest in light shades of lilac, yellow, or green, albeit infrequently. On the Mohs hardness scale, kunzite ranks between 6.5 and 7, indicating a moderate level of hardness.

The gemstones used in your misbaha remain in their original form as extracted from the earth, undergoing only polishing and cutting processes to achieve different shapes. These untreated gemstones possess more inclusions, greater durability, and higher quality. This intentional choice is based on the belief that utilizing natural gemstones in your muslim prayer beads enhances the significance of the experience.

Handmade in Canada 

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