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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products
Pleated Sleeve Maxi dressPleated Sleeve Maxi dress
MODESTFLARE Pleated Sleeve Maxi dress
Sale price$75.00 CAD
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Royal Lilac Luxury AbayaRoyal Lilac Luxury Abaya
Veilandco Royal Lilac Luxury Abaya
Sale price$90.00 CAD
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Rose Luxury AbayaRose Luxury Abaya
Veilandco Rose Luxury Abaya
Sale price$52.00 CAD Regular price$70.00 CAD
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Black Luxury Abaya
Veilandco Black Luxury Abaya
Sale priceFrom $90.00 CAD Regular price$95.00 CAD
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Lavender Essential Abaya
Veilandco Lavender Essential Abaya
Sale price$55.00 CAD Regular price$60.00 CAD
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Satin Wrap DressSatin Wrap Dress
RAYHANA CO. Satin Wrap Dress
Sale price$70.00 CAD Regular price$120.00 CAD
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