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Modestly Muslim Premium Jersey Hijabs

Modestly Muslim's Premium Jersey Hijabs are a MUST HAVE in every hijabi's closet! We have made sure to provide the highest quality of Jersey - trust us, they aren't all the same.   

Effortless and Comfortable  

Our Jersey hijabs are the perfect length, thickness, and weight and they are definitely practical for everyday use. We have ensured that they are a perfect size - no more settling for cheap hijabs that give zero coverage. Our Jersey hijabs are the most hassle-free hijabs, no pins or underscarf required. Just drape them on and you're good to go!   Pair with the Modestly Muslim Premium Hijab Magnets for extreme hold.  

Colour Description  

BAY is definitely a luxurious colour in THE 6IX COLLECTION. This gorgeous navy blue is certainly an attention grabber and can spice up any basic outfit. Pair it with other cool tones to see it in true action.

While we try our best to ensure the product colours shown are a true depiction of the actual product colours, we do not guarantee a true colour match.

Material and Care  

Color: Navy blue 
Shape: Long Rectangle 
Thickness: Light 
Weight: Medium 
Texture: Stretchy 
Visibility: Opaque 
Creasing: Not prone to creasing 
Wearability: Not Slippery   

Fabric Description: 
• 80% Cotton 20% Lycra 
• Size: 71" x 29.5" (180 cm x 75 cm)  

Fabric Care: 
• Can be hand-washed, dry-cleaned or machine washed, wash on delicate with a gentle detergent in warm water with other scarves in like colours 
• Spot treat stains with a delicate stain remover 


Our Premium Jersey hijabs are manufactured in Turkey - we are all about supporting other Muslims! We are very determined about making sure our products are sourced ethically and that we try our best to only source our products from Muslim/Muslim-supporting countries!

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