Amethyst Tasbih Bracelet | Women's Dhikr Beads, 33 Beads

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The Amethyst Tasbih Bracelet  is designed with 33 amethyst gemstone dhikr beads hand strung onto durable fray resistant cotton cord. This tasbih bracelet is adjustable and held together with a macramé lock braid woven and finished with choice of sterling silver or 14k gold fill stop beads. The unique design of our tasbih bracelets allows you to shift the smart knots located at each end of the bracelet and adjust the space between beads for optimum tactility. 

In addition to your Islam prayer beads, you will receive a branded bag from Grounded Revival and a heartfelt dua reminder. This thoughtful inclusion serves as a continual reminder to remember Allah while you engage in your dhikr practice.

Your Dua Reminder

Maintaining control over anger is crucial for preserving the well-being of both your mind and your relationships. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) illustrated this during a conversation with his companions when he asked them about the definition of a strong person. Their initial response focused on physical strength, but the Prophet enlightened them by saying that true strength lies in the ability to control one's anger. Furthermore, he advised “when a person is angry, and he says “A’uzu billah” (I seek refuge in Allah), his anger will depart.” (Saheeh Ahadeeths compiled by Al-Albani)

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم
auzubillah minashaitan nirajeem
I seek refuge in Allah from the outcast Shaitan


5mm faceted amethyst gemstone beads
Woven cotton cord
Silicone smart knots

Size & Fit

Made adjustable and designed for a comfortable or loose fit. Will fit wrist sizes from 5.5-8.5 inches (Small to XLarge). Please note: This bracelet will fit loose if you have a small wrist size. If your wrist size is ex small or small and you prefer a snug fit, check out our designs from our minimalist collection. Model has small wrist size.

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About Your Misbaha Gems

Amethyst crystals take shape within pyrogenic volcanic rocks known as basalts, which are formed by molten lava during volcanic activity. Over time, these rocks serve as the host for the formation of amethyst, as minerals and water gradually combine within them. Amethyst holds a hardness rating of 7 on the Mohs scale, denoting a relatively sturdy composition.

The gemstones used in your tasbih remain in their original form as extracted from the earth, undergoing only polishing and cutting processes to achieve different shapes. These untreated gemstones possess more inclusions, greater durability, and higher quality. This intentional choice is based on the belief that utilizing natural gemstones in your tasbih enhances the significance of the experience.

Handmade in Canada 

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