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Spring & Summer Trends: Modest Fashion Edition

Spring & Summer is hands down the best season for fashion, especially modest fashion. In winter, we tend to dress for practicality – nay, survival. However stylish our outfit might be, it is tucked away under layers of thermals, jumpers, and coats the size of a small house. Spring/Summer allows us to emerge from our sartorial cocoons and enjoy fashion the way it should be enjoyed. In this article, I'll guide you through key trends for Spring/Summer and offer tips on how to incorporate them into your modest wear. So, when winter finally thaws, you'll be ready to embrace the season with style. 


There have been some predictions that '90s minimalism and preppy aesthetics are back in style this summer. Fendi, Saint Laurent, Loewe, among many others, all presented pieces that would not seem out of place on '90s Gwyneth Paltrow or Cher Horowitz on the set of "Clueless." Fortunately, this aesthetic is modest fashion friendly. Minimalist fashion emphasizes practicality and comfort—two things that are most easily achieved by wearing more modest clothing.

Samaah Waist Wrap Dress Set

In many collections, trousers were relaxed and high-waisted, often styled with a baggy white shirt and blazers. Skirts and dresses were either extremely short or modestly long and loose-fitting. Abayas and maxi dresses are a perfect starting point for achieving this '90s minimalist silhouette. You can experiment with colors and fabric types to tap into different types of minimalist looks. For example, a grey layered maxi dress channels Japanese minimalism, while an all-white abaya can create a chic essential minimalist aesthetic.


Summer 2023 was a rough time for those of us who are not fans of bubble-gum pink. Thanks to the Barbie movie, this otherwise babyish color was propelled to ubiquitous presence. I hope we can get to a stage in social evolution where we do not need to dress like the character of a movie - to enjoy the movie. In the meantime, we can relish the fact this shade did not make much of an appearance in the 2024 Spring/Summer collections. 


The Women's ready-to-wear fall collection for 2023 was almost entirely black and white, and the popularity of these colors has not waned. Other popular colors from this season included reds and burgundy, which is surprising because these are typically autumn colors. Emerald green, yellow, and peach/salmon pink were also popular colors. While many collections featured block colors, Fendi presented a collection that played with color contrast. Cool blue, neutral beige, and dark browns were artistically contrasted against warm oranges and canary yellow. When designers deviated from this palette, it was to move towards pastels. For instance, almost all of Versace’s collection was in pastels of pink, green, and yellow.

If you want to dress in Spring/Summer trending colors, opt for modest pieces in black, white, any shade of red, or pastel. If, like me, you’re inspired by Fendi’s use of color contrast, try creating contrast between your hijab and outfit. 

Fabric with Movement

Fringes, tassels, and cut-outs all took center stage in many shows. The revival of fringes and tassels was reminiscent of the 1920s flappers. Flappers mostly used tassels to accentuate movement. As a result, these tassels were short and layered, so they could easily lift and move with a woman as she danced. The tassels presented for Spring/Summer collections were longer and at times made from thicker materials like leather; nevertheless, they add sway, fluidity, and lightness to the garments. To add fluidity and movement to your outfit, opt for cloak-style abayas that open out, A-line abayas, or ones made from a rippling soft fabric like satin.

Flower Power

Flowers are a common feature of women’s fashion, and Spring & Summer 2024 was no different. Floral elements this season were bold and loud, marking a departure from their typical representation to convey whimsy or romance. Flowers could be found printed straight onto the fabric, as 3-D floral appliqué, and even crafted into the fabric, such that the whole dress was made from a floral cut-out.


Personally, one of my favorite floral looks was a rose bouquet coat by Balmain. To bring your modest outfit to life, try opting for abayas or maxi dresses with floral detail. It can be an all-over floral print or something more subtle like floral detail at the sleeves and hemline. we gotchu 🫶🏼 #modestfashioninspo #hijabitiktok #muslimtiktok #modestsummerdresses ♬ cupid twin version - ⟡ TRACYTRACKS ⟡


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