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A Guide to Organizing Hijabs

Welcome to the world of hijab organization, where simplicity, functionality, and aesthetics unite. With so many incredible styles, you want to ensure your hijab collection is organized. Your collection of beautiful hijabs deserves to be neatly and thoughtfully organized, making it easier to find the perfect one for any occasion.

Here at MODASTY, we'll guide you through some practical and stylish ways to keep your hijabs in order, ensuring they remain in excellent condition and easily accessible. First we'll go over some storage methods, and then touch on how to organize them!

How to Store Hijabs? 

1. Hangers: A Closet's Best Friend 

One of the simplest yet most effective solutions for organizing your hijabs is the use of hangers. These versatile hangers allow you to hang several hijabs in one place. Here's a tip: When hanging your hijabs, avoid doing so by a knot, as this may damage your delicate hijabs and invite unwanted wrinkles. Instead, loop the hanger through the folded edge or drape the hijabs over the hanger without knotting them. This ensures that your hijabs remain in perfect condition and ready to wear. Here are different types of hijab hangers that we love! 

2. Ladder: The Aesthetic Room Decor Solution
The humble ladder takes on a new role as a stylish and functional accessory for scarf organization. Picture this: a decorative ladder leaning against your bedroom wall, adorned with an array of colorful scarves. Not only does it add a touch of sophistication to your space, but it also transforms your scarves from mere accessories into eye-catching decor. The open-rung design ensures that each scarf is visible and easily accessible, making it a breeze to choose the perfect one for any occasion.
This creative storage solution doesn't just stop at aesthetics—it's a space-saving marvel, ideal for smaller living areas. With scarves neatly hung, untangled, and well-maintained, the ladder ensures that your collection stays in top condition, promoting longevity and ease of use. Customize your display based on color, style, or season, turning the ladder into a personalized showcase for your wardrobe essentials. Elevate both your style and organization game with this chic and practical solution that seamlessly combines fashion and functionality! 

3. Boxes with Dividers: A Neat and Inexpensive Solution 

Simple boxes with dividers offer a cost-effective and practical way to store your hijabs. These boxes can be found at your local stores or online, and they come in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs. To maximize organization, consider rolling your hijabs instead of folding them before placing them in the boxes. This method helps prevent wrinkles and makes it easy to see each hijab at a glance. 


4. Drawers: For Thick Material Hijabs 

If you have a collection of thick hijabs, such as jersey, cotton or pashmina, using drawers is an excellent option. Dedicate a drawer or two to store these hijabs, ensuring they remain in great condition. The advantage of using drawers is that your hijabs are kept flat, preventing any unwanted creases or wrinkles. This method works particularly well for hijabs made of dense materials that might not hang neatly on hangers. 

Although we love storing items in boxes and drawers, we know that scarves can get disorganized and wrinkly very quickly! We recommend using hangers or a ladder! Now that we've gone over how to store them, lets look at some ways to organize them!


How to Organize Hijabs? 

Organize by Fabric: Group your hijabs by the type of fabric they're made of. For example, you can have a section for silk, another for chiffon, and one for jersey hijabs. This method is practical and allows you to easily find hijabs suitable for specific occasions or weather conditions. 


Organize by Color: Creating a color-coordinated hijab arrangement not only looks stunning but also helps you quickly find the perfect hijab to match your outfit. You can arrange hijabs in a spectrum from light to dark or categorize them by different color families. 


Organize by Fancy vs. Casual: Distinguish between your fancy or special-occasion hijabs and your everyday, casual ones. This will save you time when you're searching for the right hijab to complement your attire for a particular event. 


Organize by Style: If you have a variety of hijab styles, consider categorizing them by the way they are worn. For example, separate your rectangular hijabs from your square ones or organize them by the style of wrapping, such as turban-style, draped, or layered hijabs. 


Organize by Season: If you live in a place with distinct seasons, you might find it useful to separate your hijabs by season. This way, you can access the right materials and colors for the current weather conditions. 


The art of organizing hijabs is a delightful and functional endeavour that allows you to keep your collection in top-notch condition while ensuring easy access to your beautiful hijabs. Whether you prefer multi-use hangers, boxes with dividers, or drawers, the key is to select a method that suits your space and personal preferences. Organizing them is fun and a great way to make your life easier, while also displaying your personal style in a unique way!


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