Tourmaline & Garnet Tasbih Bracelet | Women's Misbaha, 33 Beads

Size (see description): 5" + 1.5" extender
Spacer Material: Sterling Silver
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Introducing an exquisite tasbih bracelet that gracefully blends together 33 stunning gemstone beads, including tourmaline, agate, garnet, and 14k gold filled (or silver) beads. This tasbih bracelet has been meticulously handcrafted using premium jewelry wire, ensuring remarkable durability and timeless elegance. It is securely fastened with a handcrafted extender, adorned with a gemstone stop bead that adds an elegant touch.

These Islamic prayer beads are thoughtfully designed with 1-2 additional bead spaces, ensuring a satisfying tactile experience as you engage in your daily dhikr. Along with your purchase, you will also receive a branded bag from Grounded Revival and a heartfelt dua reminder card, serving as a constant source of remembrance for Allah. These meaningful accessories can be carried with you wherever you go.

Your Dua Reminder

The state of your mind, emotions, and choices holds great influence over your general physical well-being. In moments of anxiety, stress, or fatigue, recite tasbih Fatima as a means to find strength. "Shall I tell you a thing which is better than what you asked me for? When you go to your beds, say: 'Allahu Akbar for 34 times, and 'Al hamdu Lillah for 33 times, and Subhan Allah for 33 times. This is better for you than what you have requested." (Sahih al-Bukhari 3113)

Allahu Akbar الله أكبر Allah is Great
Alhamdu Lillah ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلَّٰ Praise to Allah
Subhana Allah سُبْحَانَ اللّٰ Glory to Allah

Size & Fit

Wrap the measuring tape snugly around the widest part of your wrist. Note the number on the measuring tape, and add a half inch to determine the right bracelet size. For example: Wrist measurement is 5.5 inches, then your bracelet size is 6 inches.

Size options
5 inches + 1.5 inch extender (up to 6.5 inches)
5 inches + 2 inch extender (up to 7 inches)
5 inches + 2.5 inch extender (up to 7.5 inches)
5 inches + 3 inch extender (up to 8 inches)


4mm tourmaline beads
4mm garnet beads
4mm grey agate beads
Choice of 4mm 14k gold fill or sterling silver beads
Premium jewelry wire
Handmade extender chain with gemstone stop bead

About Your Gems

Tourmaline, the prominent gemstone in this tasbih, renowned as the vibrant "rainbow gemstone," is widely acclaimed as Earth's most vibrant and colorful gem. Its exceptional beauty makes it highly coveted among gemstone enthusiasts. Additionally, both garnet and grey agate also possess an impressive hardness rating of 7.5 on the Mohs scale, further adding to their durability and desirability.

The gemstones used in your tasbih remain in their original form as extracted from the earth, undergoing only polishing and cutting processes to achieve different shapes. These untreated gemstones possess more inclusions, greater durability, and higher quality. This intentional choice is based on the belief that utilizing natural gemstones in your tasbih enhances the significance of the experience.

Handmade in Canada 

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