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Will you go to PROM with us?

Prom season is an exciting time filled with anticipation and the search for the perfect dress. However, finding fashionable yet modest attire for this special occasion can be a challenge. Growing up in North America, our founder experienced firsthand the struggle of navigating the prom dress shopping experience. Frustrated by the limited options available, she was inspired to create MODASTY—a solution to the personal difficulties she faced in accessing the fashion she desired.


Sabrina Pink

In a delightful shade of pink, this dress includes an inner tube top for both style and coverage, ensuring you exude confidence and comfort effortlessly. Embrace elegance and modesty with ease in this versatile ensemble.



 Maysara Red

This stunning red dress comes complete with an inner tube top, providing both style and coverage for a confident and comfortable look. Embrace elegance and modesty effortlessly with this versatile ensemble.



Maysara Dusty Pink

The Maysara Dusty Pink dress is as practical as it is stylish, featuring an inner tube top for added coverage and comfort. This elegant ensemble ensures confidence and modesty without compromising on fashion-forward flair.



SalSabeel Gown Dusty Pink

The SalSabeel Gown in Dusty Pink comes complete with an inner tube top for added coverage, ensuring both style and modesty for any occasion.


SalSabeel Gown Blue

The SalSabeel Gown in Blue includes an inner tube top for additional coverage, offering both elegance and modesty for any special event.



SalSabeel Gown Red

The SalSabeel Gown in Red comes with an inner tube top for added coverage, ensuring both style and modesty for any occasion.
The material of the SalSabeel Gown is chiffon, offering a light and elegant texture for a graceful look.

The Samaira Blue dress features a delicate chiffon material, ensuring both comfort and elegance for any occasion.


Samaira Mauve

The Samaira Mauve dress is crafted from luxurious chiffon fabric, offering a graceful and sophisticated look for any special event.


Sima Dress

The Sima Dress features a flowing silhouette made from exquisite chiffon fabric, ensuring elegance and comfort for any occasion.


At MODASTY, we understand the importance of feeling confident and beautiful on prom night. That's why we're thrilled to offer you a curated selection of 6-8 fancy prom dresses from MODALine and other brands. Shop with us and discover the perfect dress that combines style, modesty, and cultural flair. Embrace your unique identity and celebrate diversity with MODASTY—your ultimate destination for modest fashion. follow for insider tips and tricks on how to find and buy modest fashion #fyp #hijabi #modestfashion #TiktokGGT #addalittlebitofspice ♬ sweet caroline but dark academia - fingerbib




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