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What are Nikkah and Anniversary Wedding Contracts
At MODASTY.COM, we believe that every wedding is a masterpiece of love and tradition, and the Nikkah wedding contract stands at its heart as a symbol of enduring commitment. We are delighted to introduce our exquisite collection of Nikkah wedding contracts, meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of your love story. We understand that weddings are unique, and that’s why we offer two options: Nikkah contracts featuring spaces for the bride, groom, witness, wali, and imam lines, ideal for those signing their contract on the wedding day, and anniversary contracts with only the bride and groom lines, perfect for those sealing their union after their wedding date. For couples who missed the opportunity or didn’t know about Nikkah contracts during their wedding, anniversary contracts provide a beautiful way to mark their commitment. Overall, these contracts are cherished mementos, beautiful to behold and showcase in your home. 

1. Floral Arch Anniversary Wedding Contract:

The Floral Arch Anniversary Wedding Contract is a true celebration of blossoming love. With intricate floral designs, it symbolizes the growth and beauty of your relationship. As you embark on this sacred journey, this contract reminds you that your love will continue to bloom and flourish.

2. Royal Floral Vines Anniversary Wedding Contract:

For those who dream of a fairytale wedding, the Royal Floral Vines Anniversary Wedding Contract is the perfect choice. Adorned with vine-like patterns and regal detailing, it signifies the intertwining of two souls in a grand and royal union.

3. Floral Keyhole Anniversary Wedding Contract:

The Floral Keyhole Anniversary Wedding Contract exudes charm and romance. Its keyhole-shaped design, embellished with intricate florals, represents the unlocking of a beautiful journey together. It's a contract that speaks of exploration and adventure.

4. Regal Ball Scroll Anniversary Wedding Contract:

If you seek a timeless and classic contract, the Regal Ball Scroll Anniversary Wedding Contract is your answer. It echoes the elegance of royal scrolls, symbolizing the enduring nature of your love story. It's perfect for those who cherish tradition and modernity alike.

5. Ornamental Mihrab Anniversary Wedding Contract:

The Ornamental Mihrab Anniversary Wedding Contract is a fusion of art and spirituality. The mihrab design, reminiscent of the arch in a mosque, signifies the sanctity of your marriage. It reflects your shared commitment to a life guided by faith and devotion.

6. Floral Wreath Anniversary Wedding Contract:

The Floral Wreath Anniversary Wedding Contract is a tribute to the unity and completeness your marriage represents. It features a beautiful wreath of flowers, symbolizing the unbreakable bond between you and your partner. This contract is a declaration of your forever love.

7. Royal Golden Anniversary Wedding Contract:

The Royal Golden Anniversary Wedding Contract radiates opulence and grandeur. Its intricate golden motifs are reminiscent of regal jewelry, symbolizing the richness of your love story. It's a contract for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

8. Pink Mihrab Anniversary Wedding Contract:

The Pink Mihrab Anniversary Wedding Contract combines tradition with a touch of modernity. Its soft pink hues and delicate mihrab design create a harmonious blend of faith and romance. It's an ideal choice for couples who cherish their cultural heritage.
Choosing the perfect Nikkah wedding contract is a meaningful decision. It reflects your values, your shared journey, and your vision for the future. At MODASTY.COM, we are honored to offer a diverse range of Nikkah wedding contracts to suit every taste and preference. Each contract is a unique work of art that tells your love story in a beautiful way.

As you prepare for your Nikkah ceremony, consider not only the beauty of the moment but also the timeless beauty of your Nikkah wedding contract. Let it be a symbol of your love, your commitment, and your shared journey. MODASTY.COM is here to help you find the perfect contract to celebrate your love story in style and elegance.

Planning a wedding or anniversary? Explore our diverse range of Nikkah contracts today!


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In conclusion, Nikkah wedding contracts are an integral part of Muslim weddings, signifying the formal union between two individuals. Each contract tells a unique love story, and at MODASTY.COM, we offer a stunning collection of these contracts to complement your special day. Choose a contract that resonates with your love story and let it be a beautiful reminder of your commitment and devotion. Your wedding day is a masterpiece, and your Nikkah wedding contract should be no less.

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