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The Easiest Modest Outfit– Matching Sets!

Figuring out what to wear in the morning can be a challenge when balancing style, comfort, and modesty. But, it doesn’t have to be! MODASTY has matching sets for every occasion to make picking the perfect outfit the least stressful part of your day. The best part? Throwing on a matching set instantly gives you that comfortable, effortless, put-together look. Browse our wide variety of sets below to find your perfect pair! can now only live love laugh when i’m wearing a matching set #modestfashion #matchingsets #matchingsetsforwomen ♬ original sound - M (she/they)


Pant Sets: Our friends at Dana Fashion have the chicest pant sets with so many styles to choose from. Looking for quick and easy evening wear? Check out the Rania Evening Two-Piece. With dazzling sequins and a mesmerizing asymmetrical silhouette, you will be sure to turn heads with this versatile set. Want to spice things up? Evening wear just got more effortlessly gorgeous with the ribbed detailing in the Bella Pant Set. Or, try the Daaria Business Plazo Set for the perfect, flowy, business-casual look.

Bella Pant Set

Dress Sets: Finding the perfect dress can seem impossible. Where can you find a dress that is fully lined, doesn’t have deep necklines or slits, but is still trendy and makes you feel beautiful? Right here at MODASTY! Browse the season's hottest styles from VeilandCo and Modernnisa. Satin Abayas and knitted maxi dresses? Yes, please! Check out the Royal Lilac Luxury Abaya and add this glamorous 3-piece set to your collection today! This matching set is here to have you looking on-trend and take out all the hassle of finding a matching hijab–it features a sleeveless inner dress, abaya, and matching chiffon hijab. Or, try the Knitwear Dress Set Red for a cute and cozy maxi dress look without the struggle of finding a cardigan to match; we’ve got you covered– you’re welcome! 

Royal Lilac Luxury Abaya

Skirt Sets: Planning the perfect summer outfit just got a lot easier! Simply throw on the Shakufa Baroque Modest Set or the Sabiyya Zebra Skirt Set by Dana Fashion, and you’re ready to step out the door looking stunning and put together. Nothing is worse than having a cute skirt but no top to match. That’s why these skirt sets are the way to go! With a range of beautiful colours and patterns, you will always have the perfect, unique outfit ready to go. 

Shakufa Baroque Modest Set

Lounge Sets: Who said being comfortable meant looking boring? At MODASTY, we don’t believe in being boring. That’s why the Half Zipper Pullover & Pants Set by Dana Fashion is one of our loungewear set favourites! Whether you are lounging around the house or stepping out to run errands, this set will have you looking fabulous head to toe. 

Half Zipper Pullover & Pants Set

Athleisure sets: Modest athletic wear is a must-have in every modest fashion and athletic lovers' closet, but it can be difficult to find pieces that are comfortable, cute, and fully cover you no matter how you move. The #MODASTYRevolution was created to provide solutions to problems just like these! So, what’s the solution here? Dana Fashion’s Tala Two-Piece Athleisure Set. The intricate detailing of colours, sparkle, and design, along with the oversized loose look, is a modest girl gym essential! 

Tala Two-Piece Athleisure Set

Dressing up or dressing down, with these matching sets added to your closet, you’ll never be stuck on what to wear or how to style an outfit. We’ve made it easy for you! Browse by section to find the perfect sets for your collection and strut your stuff with the ultimate effortless look of matching sets!

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