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The Spiritual Journey: Tasbihs in Islam

In the heart of Islamic tradition lies the profound practice of Dhikr, the remembrance of Allah. Tasbihs, prayer beads, serve as tactile reminders of devotion, guiding believers through the sacred journey of mindfulness and prayer.

Clarity in Love Tasbih: Embracing Divine Love

Hand-knotted with 99 gemstone beads and adorned with a captivating 'Imam' Gemstone Pendant, the Clarity in Love Tasbih embodies the essence of divine love. Each bead, a testament to devotion, separates into its traditional 11 & 33 count sections, allowing for profound moments of reflection and prayer.

Altruism Sea Shell Tasbih: A Symbol of Selflessness

With elegant sea shell 'Imam' pendants and sterling silver or 14K gold-filled spacers, the Altruism Sea Shell Tasbih represents selflessness and devotion. Its 99 gemstone beads offer a tactile connection to the divine, aiding believers in their sacred journey of Dhikr.

Positively Loved Tasbih: Nurturing the Heart

Crafted with brown glaucophane gemstone beads and a custom rose quartz pendant, the Positively Loved Tasbih is a testament to nurturing the heart. Sterling silver accents divide the beads into 11 & 33 count sections, encouraging deep contemplation and spiritual growth.

Comfort Tasbih: Finding Tranquility

Featuring white jade pendant, lava, and map jasper gemstone beads, the Comfort Tasbih embodies tranquility. Hand-knotted with sterling silver or 14K gold-filled accents, it serves as a source of comfort and solace, guiding believers through moments of Dhikr and meditation.

Solace Tasbih: Embracing Peace

Hand-knotted with 99 map jasper gemstone beads and a white jade pendant, the Solace Tasbih symbolizes peace. Sterling silver or 14K gold-filled accents facilitate the prayer process, allowing believers to find solace and serenity in their connection with Allah.

Intuitive Empathy Tasbih: Cultivating Compassion

Adorned with blue stripe agate gemstone beads and a silver-plated agate slice pendant, the Intuitive Empathy Tasbih embodies compassion. Sterling silver accents separate the beads into their traditional 11 & 33 count sections, encouraging believers to cultivate empathy and understanding through Dhikr.

Support Tassel Tasbih: A Pillar of Strength

Crafted with Botswana agate gemstones, a handmade silk tassel, and a wood 'leader' bead, the Support Tassel Tasbih exudes strength. 14K gold-filled accents divide the beads into 11 & 33 count sections, serving as a pillar of support for believers on their spiritual journey.

In the tapestry of faith, these Tasbihs from MODASTY.COM become threads of devotion, weaving a connection between the believer and the divine. Each bead, meticulously crafted, serves as a guide, leading the faithful through the sacred practice of Dhikr, fostering spiritual growth, and nurturing a deep and profound connection with Allah. Visit MODASTY.COM to explore these exquisite Tasbihs and embark on your own spiritual journey of remembrance and devotion.

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