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Dressing Modestly For Different Body Types

Have you ever tried on an outfit you saw on a mannequin or somewhere on social media and thought, why doesn’t this look the same on me? That’s because everyone has different body types, and figuring out which one you most closely resemble will help you pick the correct silhouette for your body. Finding the right styles of clothing that work with your body will also make a huge difference in your confidence and style game! Check out our breakdown of different body types and start shopping for pieces that compliment you best at MODASTY! 

There are 10 main categories typically used to define different body types. Think and visualize each based on the names to help you gain some perspective of what your body resembles most. 

  • Rectangle Shape: Measure yourself, and if you find that the measurements for your waist, hips, bust and shoulders are very close in width, you’ve found your body type! The most flattering look for this body type would be pieces that follow the natural shape of your body/are straight cut and have a flare at either the bottom if you are wearing a dress, or at your waist if you are wearing a top.

  • Pear Shape: If your measurements reveal that your hips are wider than your shoulders and bust, this is your shape– or should we say fruit! To help you visualize this body type, think of the curves on a pear. Flared jeans would be a very flattering look if this sounds like your shape. Or, adding a belt to a dress would narrow your waist beautifully. Now, because your hips are naturally wider, your curves may make you feel like it is harder for you to dress modestly. To help add some extra coverage, invest in a long coat, cardigan, and flowy dresses! Check out the Rayhana Co. Slip Dress for the perfect modest look. 



  • Spoon Shape: When it comes to body types, the spoon and pear shape are twins! With virtually the same distinctions in measurements, what makes this shape unique is the distribution of weight. Think of an upside-down spoon. For this body type, typically, most of the distribution of weight is near the upper thigh and hip area. In terms of styling tips, the same rules apply here as they do for pear shapes. 

  • Hourglass Shape: If your body measurements between your hips and bust are proportionate, you likely have a narrow waist, which gives you that hourglass figure! Although the specific type of clothing created for this body shape is tailored to accentuate your hips, narrow waist, and chest, for women who want to disguise their figure for their modesty, long coat and cardigans are once again a closet staple. Along with materials that flow away from the body.

    MODALine's Sara Waist Pleated Maxi Dress is the perfect dress for the hourglass shape figure. 

  • Top Hourglass Shape: The difference here is that your bust isn’t as proportionate to your hips as it is in a traditional hourglass figure. In this case, your bust will be slightly larger. 

  • Bottom Hourglass Shape: You guessed it! For this body type, your hips will typically be a bit wider than your bust. 

  • Inverted Triangle Shape: If your body shape and measurements reveal that your shoulders and bust are wider than your waist and hips, you have found your match. Still unsure? Just picture an inverted triangle. We recommend wearing straight-leg pants that follow your natural shape.

  • Oval Shape: If most of your weight distributes in the centre of your body, in your shoulders, bust, and waist, we suggest tops that flare out near the waist to add some dimension! Like this set from MODALine.

  • Diamond Shape: If the top and bottom of your midsection are narrow and most of your weight distributes in your waistline, you are a diamond! Explore boat neck tops that will help mimic the look of broader shoulders.

  • Athletic Build: In the same family as a rectangular body shape, if your hip and shoulder measurements align, and you find that you have a more muscular than curvy build, this may be your shape! Just like for the rectangular shape, try styles that add some flare. 

  • Now that you have read our breakdown of the 10 different body types, which one are you? Let us know below and tag us in your outfits created for specific body types on Instagram @modasty_en with the #MODASTYRevolution! 

    Just a reminder, regardless of which body type you are, your body is beautiful! This breakdown is to help you find the perfect silhouettes to flatter your body shape best! 


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