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5 Elegant Hijab Styles

In the world of modest fashion, finding the perfect hijab style that combines elegance and full coverage is essential. At MODASTY.COM, we celebrate diversity and empower women to express their faith stylishly. Here are five beautiful hijab styles that offer both modesty and complete coverage, ensuring you feel confident and graceful in every setting.

1. The Classic Draped Hijab:

Begin with a soft and breathable undercap to keep your hair in place. Take a large MODASTY Premium Jersey Hijab in a color of your choice. Place it over your head, ensuring it covers your neck and chest fully. Pin it under your chin, creating soft folds on one side. Let the other end drape gracefully over your shoulder. This timeless style offers complete coverage and is perfect for daily wear.


heres the tutorial for my last video

♬ Ghazali Sped Up - Muslim Sounds


2. The Wrap and Tuck Hijab:

Start with a snug inner cap for a secure base. Choose a MODASTY Satin Lined Tie Back Hijab Inner Cap Underpiece in a neutral shade. Place it on your head and secure it at the back. Then, take a contrasting colored MODASTY Chiffon Hijab. Wrap it around your head, ensuring it fully covers your neck and chest. Tuck in the loose end neatly for a polished look. This style is both practical and stylish, ideal for work or formal events.

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3. The Layered Hijab Look:

For added coverage and a touch of sophistication, layer your hijabs. Wear a MODASTY Cotton Undercap in a matching color to your outfit. Place a lightweight MODASTY Chiffon Hijab over it, allowing it to cascade down your shoulders.  Pin the hijabs securely to maintain the coverage. This style adds dimension and is perfect for special occasions.

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4. Off-Shoulder Hijab:

Begin with a comfortable cotton undercap for a smooth base. Choose a MODASTY Premium Jersey Hijab in a vibrant hue. Place it over your head, ensuring one side is longer than the other. Now, flip the longer side back and cover the chest with the shorter side. Wrap the longer side around the neck until it meets the front and secure both sides of the hijab. 

@anotherhijabiontiktok This has been my go-to jummah look. Inshallah my everyday look #hijabtutorial #fullcoveragehijabtutorial #hijabi #muslimwomen #muslimtiktok #islam ♬ original sound - Muslim Sounds

5. The Turban Inspired Hijab:

Opt for a MODASTY Velvet Volumizer Scrunchie for added volume. Create a high bun with your hair and secure it with a hair tie. Slip the volumizer scrunchie over the bun to add height and volume. Then, take a large MODASTY Premium Jersey Hijab and wrap it around your head like a turban. Tuck in the ends neatly and secure them with pins. This turban-inspired style offers complete coverage and is perfect for formal events or parties.

@aleaqistea 3 steps only! #turban #hijabtutorial ♬ ur soo kewt if u use this sound . - monnie.

Embrace these diverse hijab styles and celebrate the beauty of modesty with MODASTY.COM. Our high-quality hijabs and accessories are designed to enhance your elegance while ensuring full coverage. Discover the joy of expressing your faith with confidence and style.

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